Air Freight

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Air freight is one of the most expensive modes of transportation when it comes to freight transporting services. However, it is the most efficient in terms of speed. Many a times, sending freight by  ocean freight through the usage of ships and vessels can take weeks. In comparison, a flight can reduce the flight can reduce the transit time to just a few days depending on where the location is of course. As such, in this article, we would be introducing Kargo’s services for air freight from the city of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Our air freight services are available internationally and domestically, be it for large goods or for small items to be sent in parcels. We consider value-added services more important than ates. We can provide you with different services in efficient ways. We could get you the most updated prices based on market demand and our network of more than 400 logistics vendors. Through our platform, you would be able to view the various prices as well as the lead time depending on each vendor. All in all, it gives our customers the transparency when it comes to knowing the prices in the market based on the demand at that point of time.